About Us


 Conquest of Mr. Oral and Dental Health Clinic Dr. Bay was founded in 1993 by conquest Sırakapılar Mah. Saltak Street, Treasurer, business center, N0: 63 in the field of Oral and Dental Health serves various industries.

Conquest of Mr. Oral and Dental Health Clinic as an ordinary oral and dental health clinics are not. All treatment and clinical rapidly as similar, more than in the traditional sector, we refuse to be one of them.

We represent the new generation of dental experience blended with the old. Denizli and the world's most successful oral and dental health clinic we went to the road brand. Both our team undertakes a significant transformation in his life of our patients, our primary goal.

We treat our children, youth, adults, providing their self-confidence and happiness to look at the lives of the elderly, we are creating the possibility of change the world. Because the slightest change how could become a big smile will be held in the mouth, that reveals the true potential of how life can change when a person laugh and we know can improve the positive sense.

Our most important success criteria, we made our treatment of our patients and their success in social and professional life as a result of ... a new job, a new girlfriend, a long-awaited promotion, a role in the school play!

We hope that this mentality comes to our business, our per unit of passion and enthusiasm for this reason we are sitting.

We are so different and dentistry yüzüyüz changing industry. Because our patients not only teeth, we love to touch in their lives.

Our goal

• All Conquest of Mr. Oral and Dental Health Clinic patients and employees they enjoy from being the major part, has reached international dimensions of brand value, they refer to a to a patient the clinical partner, the world's best dental become one of the clinics.

• Conquest of Mr. Oral and Dental Health Clinic of our patients in a professional and hygienic environment, they get the right diagnosis and treatment. Our patients, they are in a comfortable and friendly place and they feel they have received a boutique service.

• Conquest of Mr. Oral and Dental Health Clinic 100% patient satisfaction is our first priority. Our treatment plans based on these principles and implement. The commercial aspects of the work we do is always secondary.

• Priority will last for many years in the routine care of our patients is to ensure the continuation of the oral and overall health of our patients.

• Conquest of Mr. Oral and Dental Health Clinic in detail informed about all our patients diagnosis and treatment. For each patient we are separated as much time as required by the treatment, from the look of them, are applied in a quick and painless way.

• The biggest investment, are our employees at all times. Make them happy and motivated in their work, we work continuously to improve living standards and knowledge.

• Aesthetics nature is very important to us. This is our approach, we have made up our clinic on a single fill in all that you can see from the design of our patients.

• Conquest of Mr. Oral and Dental Health Clinic in each treatment made by expert and experienced doctors, using the latest technology devices are made with high quality materials. Our patients are confident in our clinic they get great value for the price paid leave for treatment.

• All dentists in Conquest Bay team, each patient with their mother, father or brother will take care of such treatment would.

• Conquest of the Bayar, do our job with passion, to be open to innovation and on behalf of the satisfaction of our patients are our most important principle to move the bar up always.